Cost of Printer Ownership Calculator

Use this calculator to find out the total ownership cost of an Epson EcoTank printer, including your ink consumption. You can also compare the cost against other printer brands to find out the amount of savings you can potentially achieve with Epson EcoTank printers.

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Did you consider the following?
  • Are you comparing printers with similar functionalities? Price of printer varies greatly depending on the functions.
  • Is your comparison using the cost of genuine consumables? Non-genuine consumables voids your warranty and may cause you to incur higher costs of servicing. Also, the quality of your prints are compromised with non-genuine consumables.
  • Are you comparing the cost vs 3rd party CISS tanks? Did you know that there are hidden costs of replacing the print head for your printer when using 3rd party CISS tanks?
This calculator indicates the total cost of ownership based on the following calculation, rounded to the nearest dollar value:
Total Cost of Ownership = Cost of Printer + (Cost of Black ÷ Yield of Black + Cost of CMY ÷ Composite Yield of CMY) × Monthly Average Print Volume × Total Period of Use × 12
The user agrees and accepts that this projection is prepared as an estimate for illustration purposes only, based on assumptions derived from the user's own assessment of needs and forecasted usage. Actual cost of ownership may vary depending on the user's actual usage patterns, printing environment, maintenance cycles and other factors not considered in this calculation which Epson is unable to predict or verify. This utility is not intended to provide a conclusive prediction or analysis of the user's actual cost of ownership. Epson hereby disclaims all liability, representations and warranties, whether express or implied, arising from the user's reliance upon or usage of this utility.